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Dec 28 2012 post


  • Should governments make their citizens exercise more and eat less? Click Here
  • Prof. Brian Elbel awarded grant to evaluate large sugary drink ban. Click Here
  • Physicians admit feeling under qualified and lacking necessary education to treat obesity. Click Here
  • Benefit-risk paradigm for clinical trial design of obesity devices: FDA proposal. Click Here
  • Combating pediatric obesity in Germany: the role of economic findings in informing policy. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Food Related

  • RCT: No evidence that a Low Glycemic vs. Low Fat diet differ in efficacy in obese Hispanic youth. Click Here
  • The science of sugars, part 4: Sugars and other health issues. Click Here
  • Why most dieters fail but some succeed: a goal conflict model of eating behavior. Click Here
  • Donor human milk largely replaces formula-feeding of preterm infants in two urban hospitals. Click Here
  • Alternate day fasting (ADF) with a high-fat diet produces similar weight loss and cardio-protection as ADF with a low-fat diet. Click Here
  • The effect of beverages varying in glycaemic load on postprandial glucose responses, appetite and cognition in 10-12-year-old school children. Click Here
  • Metabolic programming effects initiated in the suckling period predisposing for adult-onset obesity could not be reversed by calorie restriction. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Exercise Related

  • Could virtual reality be an effective tool to combat obesity and sedentariness in children? Results from two research studies. Click Here
  • Exercise improves the accuracy of compensation for previous energy intake. Click Here
  • Effects of chronic exercise training on inflammatory markers in Australian overweight and obese individuals in a randomized controlled trial. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Other

  • "Fat is your fault". Gatekeepers to health, attributions of responsibility and the portrayal of gender in the Irish media representation of obesity. Click Here
  • An Overview of the Complexities in Obesity: Limitations and Challenges. Click Here
  • Committee opinion: obesity in pregnancy. Click Here
  • Obesity: Fat from plastics? Linking bisphenol a exposure and obesity. Click Here
  • A cluster randomized controlled trial in a school setting shows regular weighing to be beneficial. Click Here
  • The modern obesity epidemic, ancestral hunter-gatherers, and the sensory/reward control of food intake. Click Here
  • Trends in the Prevalence of Extreme Obesity among U.S. Preschool-Aged Children Living in Low-Income Families, 1998-2010. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Fructose feeding failed to induce obesity in rats. Click Here
  • Inflammation during obesity is not all bad: Evidence from animal and human studies. Click Here
  • Peripheral injections of melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 antagonist S38151 decrease food intake and body weight in rodent obesity models. Click Here
  • Environmental challenges and physiological solutions: Comparative energetic daily rhythms of field mice populations from different ecosystems. Click Here
  • Influence of winter temperature and simulated climate change on body mass and fat body depletion during diapause in adults of the solitary bee, Osmia rufa (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Click Here
  • Huddling house sparrows remain euthermic at night, and conserve body mass. Click Here
  • Diet and exercise in an obese mouse fed a high-fat diet improve metabolic health and reverse perturbed sperm function. Click Here

General Science

  • NutriChip: Nutrition analysis meets microfluidics. Click Here
  • Duodenal lipid sensing activates vagal afferents to regulate non-shivering brown fat thermogenesis in rats. Click Here
  • Preproghrelin gene polymorphisms in obese Japanese women. Minor homozygotes are light eaters, do not prefer protein or fat, and apparently have a poor appetite. Click Here
  • A natural variant of Obestatin, Q90L, inhibits ghrelin's action on food intake and GH secretion and targets NPY and GHRH neurons in mice. Click Here


  • Cleaning up science. Click Here
  • How many retractions were there in 2012? And, some shattered records. Click Here


  • Using cross-sectional datasets like NHANES to draw such conclusions about short-lived environmental chemicals like BPA and chronic complex diseases like obesity is inappropriate. Click Here
  • BiasTrust: Teaching biased users about controversial topics. Click Here
  • Methods, instruments, and parameters for analyzing the menu nutritionally and sensorially: A systematic review. Click Here
  • Towards ubiquitous user modeling interoperability for dealing with overweight and obesity. Click Here
  • Prof Ray Carroll: Video on better statistics to study diet and cancer. Click Here
Dec 21 2012 post

Posted 12/21/12

Basic Science

  • Unpredictable food availability induces metabolic and hormonal changes independent of food intake in a sedentary songbird .Click Here
  • Fundamental avian energetics: 2. The ability of birds to change heat loss and explanation of the mass exponent for basal metabolism in homeothermic animals .Click Here* Size-dependent insect flight energetics at different sugar supplies.Click Here
  • Growth energetics of juvenile herring, Clupea harengus L.: food conversion efficiency and temperature dependency of metabolic rate .Click Here
  • The effects of weight cycling on lifespan in male C57BL/6J mice. .Click Here
  • Effects of Neonatal Overfeeding on Juvenile and Adult Feeding and Energy Expenditure in the Rat.Click Here
  • Metabolic characteristics of long-lived mice.Click Here
  • High levels of dietary fat impair glucose homeostasis in rainbow trout .Click Here* Sexual dimorphism in body composition across human populations: Associations with climate and proxies for short- and long-term energy .Click Here
  • Fat content, energy value and fatty acid profile of donkey milk during lactation and implications for human nutrition.Click Here
  • Fat or lean: Adjustment of endogenous energy stores to predictable and unpredictable changes in allostatic load .Click Here* An opportunistic pathogen isolated from the gut of an obese human causes obesity in germfree mice.Click Here
  • Food characteristics, long-term habituation and energy intake. Laboratory and field studies.Click Here* Chronic Caloric Restriction Preserves Mitochondrial Function in Senescence without Increasing Mitochondrial Biogenesis .Click Here
  • Selection for high muscle fat in rainbow trout induces potentially higher chylomicron synthesis and PUFA biosynthesis in the intestine.Click Here* Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Differences in Muscle and Fat from Monozygotic Twins Discordant for Type 2 Diabetes - .Click Here
  • Pharmacological and nutritional agents promoting browning of white adipose tissue .Click Here

Brain, Cognition, and Aging

  • Fat-mass-related hormone, plasma leptin, predicts brain volumes in the elderly.Click Here* Fat-free body mass but not fat mass is associated with reduced gray matter volume of cortical brain regions implicated in autonomic and homeostatic regulation.Click Here
  • Energy Intake and Exercise as Determinants of Brain Health and Vulnerability to Injury and Disease .Click Here
  • Changes in spatial memory and BDNF expression to simultaneous dietary restriction and forced exercise in rats .Click Here

Clinical, Behavioral, Translational - Food-Related

  • Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest—A Study of Norwegians' Consumption Pattern of Chocolate, Sweets, Salty Snacks, Soft Drinks and the Like.Click Here
  • Is beer consumption related to measures of abdominal and general obesity? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Click Here
  • Some Snacks May Help Kids Feel Full Faster.Click Here
  • Treat obesity as physiology, not physics.Click Here
  • Parental restriction and children's diets. The chocolate coin and Easter egg experiments .Click Here* Watching a food-related television show and caloric intake. A laboratory study .Click Here* Healthy dining. Subtle diet reminders at the point of purchase increase low-calorie food choices among both chronic and current .Click Here* Using subtle reminders of love to foster healthy snack choices .Click Here* Secretive Food Concocting in Binge-Eating: Test of a Famine Hypothesis.Click Here

Clinical, Behavioral, Translational - Exercise-Related

  • Hair Practices May Be Barrier to Physical Activity for Some African-American Women.Click Here
  • Stave Blair on Exercise & Longevity.Click Here
  • Responses of Obese and Lean Girls Exercising under Heat and Thermoneutral Conditions .Click Here

Clinical, Behavioral, Translational - Drug & Surgery-Related

  • Benefit-risk paradigm for clinical trial design of obesity devices: FDA proposal.Click Here
  • Obesity proving complicated and personal: Rethinking obesity R&D essential to drive therapeutic advancement and innovation .Click Here

Clinical, Behavioral, Translational - Other

  • Overindulgence May Lower Life Expectancy.Click Here
  • Educational interventions are unlikely to work because obese people aren't unhappy enough to lose weight.Click Here* A web application for an obesity prevention system based on individual lifestyle analysis .Click Here* Mathematical Modeling: Curbing car travel could be as effective as cutting calories.Click Here
  • Top Ten Reasons Why We May All Be Getting Fatter.Click Here
  • Cancer and heterogeneity of obesity; a potential contribution of brown fat .Click Here
  • Comparison of acceptance-based and standard cognitive-based coping strategies for craving sweets in overweight and obese women .Click Here* Association of overweight with risky sexual behavior of adolescent girls .Click Here
  • Broke, Ill, and Obese: Association of Household Debt with Health .Click Here* Hard truths and a new strategy for addressing childhood obesity: Let's start with the basics .Click Here* Obesity and Prostate Cancer: Weighing the Evidence .Click Here
  • Possible anticancer power in fasting every other day .Click Here* Health Perceptions and Levels of Attachment: Owners and Pets Exercising Together .Click Here* Differences between Adiposity Indicators for Predicting All-Cause Mortality in a Representative Sample of United States Non-Elderly Adults .Click Here* Energy Balance: THE KEY TO A UNIFIED MESSAGE ON DIET AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Click Here

Policy Related

  • Skepticism about Obesity Rate Declines.Click Here
  • Tax incidence with strategic firms on the soft drink market.Click Here

General Science

  • Interactive Logo Helps Researchers Decide which Scholarly Content to Trust.Click Here
  • NIH Examines What Drove Its Grant Success Rate to a Record Low.Click Here
  • NIH Panel Urges Steps to Control Growth in Biomedical Research Trainees.Click Here
Dec 14 2012 post

Basic Science

  • Short-Lived Ants Take Greater Risks during Food Collection.Click Here
  • Leptin-induced increase in body fat content of rats.Click Here
  • Re-Feeding Food-Deprived Male Meadow Voles Affects the Sperm Allocation of Their Rival Males.Click Here
  • Metabolic jet lag when the fat clock is out of sync.Click Here
  • Wired on sugar: the CNS in the regulation of glucose homeostasis.Click Here


  • Investigation of lipid homeostasis in living Drosophila by coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy.Click Here
  • In vivo imaging of lipid storage and regression in diet-induced obesity during nutrition manipulation.Click Here
  • Accuracy of Physical Activity Monitors in Persons with Class III Obesity.Click Here
  • Novel Approach to Selecting and Weighting Nutrients for Nutrient Profiling of Foods and Diets.Click Here


  • Caffeine prevents weight gain and cognitive impairment caused by a high-fat diet while elevating hippocampal BDNF.Click Here
  • Caffeine prevents cognitive impairment induced by chronic psychosocial stress and/or high fat-high carbohydrate diet.Click Here


  • Is Obesity a Public Health Problem?Click Here
  • Public Health and Obesity: When a Pound of Prevention Really Is Worth an Ounce of Cure.Click Here
  • The politics of evidence on 'domestic terrorists': Obesity discourses and their effects.Click Here
  • Menu labeling did not result in a positive net effect on total calories or fat purchased by families.Click Here
  • Food prices and blood cholesterol.Click Here
  • Retailer activity in shaping food choice.Click Here
  • The Marketing of Foods and Non-alcoholic Beverages to Children: Setting the Research Agenda.Click Here
  • Potential Effect of Physical Activity Based Menu Labels on the Calorie Content of Selected Fast Food Meals.Click Here
  • Is 2013 a Watershed Year for the Anti-Obesity Movement?Click Here


  • Fructose: Where Does the Truth Lie?Click Here
  • Fructose and Risk of Cardiometabolic Disease.Click Here
  • Letter to the editor re: Fructose impacts on gut microbiota and obesity.Click Here

Exercise and Physical Activity

  • Optimising sprint interval exercise to maximise energy expenditure and enjoyment in overweight boys.Click Here
  • Evidence based exercise - Clinical benefits of high intensity interval training.Click Here
  • Regular Exercise May Add Years to Life, Study Finds.Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Dietary Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and Digestible Carbohydrate Intake Are Not Associated with Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Eight European Countries.Click Here
  • Is candy eating a way to control body weight?Click Here
  • Is Childhood Obesity Influenced by Dog Ownership? No Cross-Sectional or Longitudinal Evidence.Click Here
  • Olfactory stimulation curbs food cravings.Click Here
  • Obesity in Young Is Seen as Falling in Several Cities.Click Here
  • The effect of fat mass on educational attainment: examining the sensitivity to different identification strategies.Click Here
  • Cinnamon shown to reduce blood sugar levels after eating.Click Here
  • Small changes in meal patterns lead to significant changes in total caloric intake: Effects of diet and social status on food intake in female rhesus monkeys.Click Here
  • Adjustment to dietary energy availability: from starvation to overnutrition.Click Here
  • Adaptive thermogenesis in human body weight regulation: more of a concept than a measurable entity?Click Here
  • Modeling the effect on human biomass and the impact on type 2 Diabetes.Click Here
  • The perceptual threshold for overweight.Click Here
  • Attentional biases to foods: The effects of caloric content and cognitive restraint.Click Here
  • Energy and macronutrient content of familiar beverages interact with pre-meal intervals to determine later food intake, appetite and glycemic response in young adults.Click Here
  • Social Patterning in BMI Among Contemporary Immigrant Groups: The Emergence of a Gradient.Click Here
  • Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity: The Role of Social Networks and the Use of Social Media and Related Electronic Technologies: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.Click Here
  • Sensitive period in flavor learning: Effects of duration of exposure to formula flavors on food likes during infancy.Click Here
  • The fat and the fiction.Click Here
  • Prolonged chewing at lunch decreases later snack intake.Click Here
  • Paying the price? The impact of smoking and obesity on health inequalities in later life.Click Here
  • Heterogeneous causal effects of financial incentives on weight loss: Results of a large prospective randomized trial.Click Here
  • Alcohol: No cardio-protective benefit for overweight adults?Click Here
  • Can going hungry as a child slow down cognitive decline in later years?Click Here
  • Targeting kids' salt intake may curb childhood obesity rates, study says.Click Here
  • Yo-Yo Dieting Can Hurt the Heart, Study Finds.Click Here
  • Medical treatments are unlikely to reverse obesity rates in the near future.Click Here

Weight Bias and Stigma

  • Impact of Information About Obesity Genomics on the Stigmatization of Overweight Individuals: An Experimental Study.Click Here
  • Obese Children, Adults and Senior Citizens in the Eyes of the General Public: Results of a Representative Study on Stigma and Causation of Obesity.Click Here

General Science

  • Misunderstanding publication bias: editors are not blameless after all.Click Here
  • The Novelty Paradox & Bias for Normal Science: Evidence from Randomized Medical Grant Proposal Evaluations.Click Here
  • Claims and Denials of Bias and Their Implications for Policy.Click Here
  • No Exit? Intellectual Integrity Under the Regime of 'Evidence' and 'Best-Practices'more.Click Here
  • Differing Levels of Clinical Evidence: Exploring Communication Challenges in Shared Decision Making.Click Here


  • PhD studentship: obesity and antipsychotic drugs.Click Here
Dec 7 2012 post

Raising Questions

  • Is everything we eat associated with cancer? A systematic cookbook review. Click Here
  • Nutritional epidemiology in practice: learning from data or promulgating beliefs? Click Here

Basic Science

  • Whole-organism screening for gluconeogenesis identifies activators of fasting metabolism. Click Here
  • Maternal Fructose Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation. Click Here
  • Nutrient availability links mitochondria, apoptosis, and obesity. Click Here
  • Dexamethasone stimulates mass loss and protein utilisation, but not departure from the colony in naturally fasting grey seal pups. Click Here
  • The Fat Controller: Adipocyte Development. Click Here
  • Fat's Immune Sentinels. Click Here
  • Autophagy deficiency leads to protection from obesity and insulin resistance by inducing Fgf21 as a mitokine. Click Here
  • New Evidence for Epigenetic Effects of Diet On Healthy Aging. Click Here
  • Experimental Helicobacter suis infection causes reduced weight gain in pigs. Click Here
  • Alternative cooling and heating as a minimally invasive approach for treating obesity. Click Here
  • Regular treadmill exercise restores cardioprotective signalling pathways in obese mice. Click Here
  • Changes in food intake, metabolic parameters and insulin resistance are induced by an isoenergetic, medium-chain fatty acid diet and are associated with modifications in insulin signalling in isolated rat pancreatic islets. Click Here
  • Effects of amylin and bupropion/naltrexone on food intake and body weight are interactive in rodents. Click Here
  • No evidence for directional evolution of body mass in herbivorous theropod dinosaurs. Click Here
  • Treating Diabetes and Obesity with an FGF21-Mimetic Antibody. Click Here
  • Episodic Memory and Appetite Regulation in Humans. Click Here
  • JNK Expression by Macrophages Promotes Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Inflammation. Click Here

Clock, Sleep, Chronobiology

  • Differences in circadian rhythmicity in CLOCK 3111T/C genetic variants in moderate obese women as assessed by thermometry, actimetry and body position. Click Here
  • Discovery of the Clock Mutant and the First Mammalian Clock Gene and the Links to Obesity. Click Here
  • Partial sleep deprivation by environmental noise increases food intake and body weight in obesity resistant rats. Click Here


  • The concentration of caffeine in SSBs did not influence the amount of food or SSB consumed. Click Here
  • Can the satiating power of a high energy beverage be improved by manipulating sensory characteristics and label information? Click Here
  • Effect of different amounts of coffee on dietary intake and appetite of normal-weight and overweight/obese individuals. Click Here
  • Food advertisements during consumption of pizza increased food intake only in overweight/obese girls and increased caloric compensation for glucose drink in boys but not girls. Click Here

Lifespan & Mortality

  • Body Mass Index and Mortality in Non-Hispanic Black Adults in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study. Click Here
  • How lifespan associated genes modulate aging changes: lessons from analysis of longitudinal data. Click Here
  • Nutrition Forced Extension of Lifespan in Drosophila: A Whole-Genome Investigation. Click Here

Stigma & Bias

  • Weight bias in graduate school admissions. Click Here
  • High BMI: prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and its consequences. Click Here
  • Obese children have lower perceived physical competence despite similar actual motor competence. Click Here
  • Assessing bias against overweight individuals among nursing and psychology students: an implicit association test. Click Here

Policy related

  • Providing calorie information was effective at reducing calorie consumption only when dining with friends, and for females. Click Here
  • Current obesity prevention strategies and those considered feasible and effective are often mismatched with the empirical literature. Click Here
  • Chocolate warnings don't work on women. Click Here
  • Health Public Policy Public opinion on food-related obesity prevention policy initiatives. Click Here
  • Addressing the policy cacophony does not require more evidence: an argument for reframing obesity as caloric overconsumption. Click Here
  • Taxing Food and Beverages: Theory, Evidence, and Policy. Click Here
  • Accounting for product substitution in the analysis of food taxes targeting obesity. Click Here
  • SSB tax of 20% estimated to cause an average weight loss of 1.6 pounds in the first year. Click Here
  • Drs. Yach and Brownell debate on Role of Food Industry in Obesity. Click Here
  • NOPREN Supplement: Evaluating Policies and Processes for Promoting Healthy Eating (multiple articles). Click Here

Breast Feeding

  • Infant Feeding and Growth: Can We Answer the Causal Question? Click Here
  • Downey Report: Evidence Does Not Support Breastfeeding as Protective Against Obesity. Click Here


  • Optimal scaling of weight and waist circumference to height for maximal association with body fat. Click Here
  • Video Journal: Functional Imaging of Brown Fat in Mice with 18F-FDG micro-PET/CT. Click Here
  • Modeling Obesity Histories in Cohort Analyses of Health and Mortality. Click Here
  • New strategies needed for investigating taste-obesity relationships. Click Here
  • Percent weight loss as a method of reporting weight loss after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Click Here
  • An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Value of Community-Based Prevention. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Some Consequences of Having Too Little. Click Here
  • BMI was linked to high job demands and that this relationship is even stronger for those employees who have little control over their work. Click Here
  • Effect of reducing total fat intake on body weight: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials and cohort studies. Click Here
  • Extra fruit may not ward off daily hunger. Click Here
  • Physical readiness and obesity among male U.S. Navy personnel with limited exercise availability while at sea. Click Here
  • Eating Fewer, Larger Meals May Prove Healthier for Obese Women Click Here
  • Effects of body images, dietary restraint, and persuasive messages on females' orientations towards chocolate. Click Here
  • Evaluation of gene-obesity interaction effects on cholesterol levels: A genetic predisposition score on HDL-cholesterol is modified by obesity. Click Here
  • Artificial sweeteners: a place in the field of functional foods? Focus on obesity and related metabolic disorders. Click Here
  • Obesity is Contagious! Evidence from US Data. Click Here
  • Effects of diet macronutrient composition on body composition and fat distribution during weight maintenance and weight loss. Click Here
  • The Role of Nutrition in Health Status after Spinal Cord Injury. Click Here
  • Body mass index underestimates adiposity in women with spinal cord injury. Click Here
  • A fuzzy cognitive map of the psychosocial determinants of obesity. Click Here
  • Americans Continue to Adjust Their Ideal Weight Upward. Click Here
  • Resveratrol had no effect on insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, glucose production and turnover, REE, lipid oxidation, lipid accumulation, or inflammatory biomarkers in obese men over 4 weeks. Click Here
  • Metformin in obesity, cancer and aging: addressing controversies. Click Here
  • Exenatide as a Novel Weight Loss Modality in Patients Without Diabetes (systematic review). Click Here
  • Effects of Parents' Employment Status on Changes in Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat in Adolescent Girls. Click Here
  • Alterations of body mass index and body composition in atomic bomb survivors. Click Here
  • Obese children show a higher mean discrepancy between skeletal and chronologic ages. Click Here
  • Social relationships can have both positive and negative associations with obesogenic behaviors. Click Here
  • Weight-ing: The experience of waiting on weight loss. Click Here
  • Distance to primary food store did not predict Fruit & Vegetable consumption. Click Here

Nutrition (not obesity)

  • Scant Evidence That Salt Raises BP. Click Here
  • White rice consumption associated with lower risk of diabetes. Click Here
  • The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization. Click Here
  • Reflections on dietary guidance and the status of carbohydrate on both sides of the Atlantic. Click Here

General Science

  • This I believe: agricultural science and genetics. Click Here
  • A Comprehensive Genetic Approach for Improving Prediction of Skin Cancer Risk in Humans. Click Here
  • Time and Money Are Being Wasted in the Lab. Click Here
  • Research grants: Conform and be funded. Click Here
  • Commentary: Epidemiologic Methods Are Useless: They Can Only Give You Answers. Click Here
  • Commentary: What, Me Worry?: Chemicals and Causality. Click Here
  • Commentary: Social Epidemiology: Questionable Answers and Answerable Questions. Click Here
  • More Author Disclosure: Solution or Absolution? Click Here
  • Is a healthy diet an environmentally sustainable diet? Click Here


  • The UAB College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) invites applications for the position of Chair of the Department of Biology. Click Here
Nov 30 2012 post

Basic Science

  • Have We Got It All Wrong? Insulin hypersecretion and food additives: cause of obesity and diabetes? Click Here
  • What obesity research tells us about epigenetic mechanisms. Click Here
  • GPRC5B Activates Obesity-Associated Inflammatory Signaling in Adipocytes. Click Here
  • Treating Diabetes and Obesity with an FGF21-Mimetic Antibody Activating the ?Klotho/FGFR1c Receptor Complex. Click Here
  • New Treatment Aids Weight Loss, Improves Diabetes in Monkeys. Click Here
  • Age-Related Increase in Food Spilling by Laboratory Mice May Lead to Significant Overestimation of Actual Food Consumption: Implications for Studies on Dietary Restriction, Metabolism, and Dose Calculations. Click Here
  • The use of conditioned place preference to determine broiler preferences for quantitative or qualitative dietary restriction. Click Here
  • Obesity in mice with adipocyte-specific deletion of clock component Arntl. Click Here
  • Genes & cells: Fasting hormone boosts longevity: Life span benefits in mice mimic those in caloric restriction. Click Here


  • Welcome to the Golden Age of American Food. Click Here
  • Confronting the Social Determinants of Health — Obesity, Neglect, and Inequity. Click Here
  • The possibility of regulating for obesity prevention - understanding regulation in the Commonwealth Government. Click Here
  • Accounting for product substitution with food taxes targeting obesity. Click Here
  • School vending machines were not significantly associated with academic achievement patterns or obesity status. Click Here
  • Fat government, thin populace? Is the growth of obesity prevalence lower in more generous welfare states? Click Here
  • Assessing the potential effectiveness of food and beverage taxes and subsidies for improving public health: a systematic review of prices, demand and body weight outcomes. Click Here
  • Video: Matthew Metzgar, M.B.A., Ph.D. — Simulating A Ban On Food Advertising. Click Here
  • Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report: Strategies for Increasing Physical Activity Among Youth. Click Here

SSB, Beverages, & Sugars

  • Longevity of wasps feeding on fructose was significantly longer than that feeding on glucose, sucrose, trehalose and melezitose, respectively (P<0.0001). Click Here
  • Effects of Honey and Sucrose on Longevity and Fecundity of Apanteles metesae (Nixon), a Major Parasitoid of the Oil Palm Bagworm, Metisa plana (Walker). Click Here
  • Effects of fruit and vegetable, consumed in solid vs beverage forms, on acute and chronic appetitive responses in lean and obese adults. Click Here
  • Taxing SSBs: Legal & Policy Issues in Canada. Click Here
  • High fructose corn syrup and diabetes prevalence: A global perspective. Click Here
  • Diabetes and Sweetener Link Scrutinized. Click Here
  • Saccharin and aspartame, compared with sucrose, induce greater weight gain in adult Wistar rats, at similar total caloric intake levels. Click Here
  • David Kerr: Alcohol and calories—an opportunity for public health? Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science

  • Contribution of evening macronutrient intake to total caloric intake and body mass index. Click Here
  • Nighttime snacking reduces whole body fat oxidation and increases LDL cholesterol in healthy young women. Click Here
  • Acute effects of different diet compositions on skeletal muscle insulin signalling in obese individuals during caloric restriction. Click Here
  • Searching for Magic Bullets: Weight-control Meds. Click Here
  • New ketone drink 's alleged weight loss benefits touted. Click Here
  • A Multisite Study of Long-term Remission and Relapse of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Following Gastric Bypass. Click Here
  • A true challenge for any superhero: an evaluation of a comic book obesity prevention program. Click Here
  • Does milk and dairy consumption during pregnancy influence fetal growth and infant birthweight? A systematic literature review. Click Here
  • Association between Dairy Food Consumption and Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Women Differs by Type of Dairy Food . Click Here
  • Choice architecture as a means to change eating behaviour in self-service settings: a systematic review. Click Here
  • Does eating slowly influence appetite and energy intake when water intake is controlled? Click Here
  • Massage Improves Growth Quality by Decreasing Body Fat Deposition in Male Preterm Infants. Click Here
  • Modelling fat mass as a function of weekly physical activity profiles measured by Actigraph accelerometers. Click Here
  • Insights into the beneficial effect of caloric/ dietary restriction for a healthy and prolonged life. Click Here
  • Effect of Modest Caloric Restriction on Oxidative Stress in Women, a Randomized Trial. Click Here
  • Estimation of Newborn Risk for Child or Adolescent Obesity: Lessons from Longitudinal Birth Cohorts. Click Here
  • The protective effect of the obesity-associated rs9939609 A variant in fat mass- and obesity-associated gene on depression. Click Here
  • Intermittent fasting combined with calorie restriction is effective for weight loss and cardio-protection in obese women. Click Here
  • Adolescents bullying and young adults body mass index and obesity: a longitudinal study. Click Here

General Science

  • Multivariate or Multivariable Regression? Click Here
  • Imagine Science Films. Click Here
  • Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality? Click Here
  • Successful Careers: A Matter of Confidence. Click Here
  • Neuroscience: Under Attack. Click Here
  • Clinical trial data for all drugs in current use. Click Here
  • Lapses at the New England Journal of Medicine. Click Here
  • Cellulose degradation and assimilation by the unicellular phototrophic eukaryote Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Click Here
  • Why Retraction Notices Matter. Click Here
  • Scientists and drug company connections. Click Here
  • As drug industry's influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias. Click Here
  • Placebo-induced analgesia in an operant pain model in rats. Click Here
Nov 23 2012 post

Basic Science

  • Dynamics of energy utilization in male and female turkeys during growth. Click Here
  • Feed restriction delays developmental fast skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain isoforms in turkey poults selected for differential growth. Click Here
  • Altered feeding differentially regulates circadian rhythms and energy metabolism in liver and muscle of rats. Click Here
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Binge Eating: Mechanisms and Preclinical Models. Click Here
  • Disruption of cue-potentiated feeding in mice with blocked ghrelin signaling. Click Here
  • Comparison of Brown and White Adipose Tissue Fat Fractions in ob, seipin and Fsp27 Gene Knockout Mice. Click Here
  • MyomiR-133 regulates brown fat differentiation through Prdm16. Click Here
  • Neuronal overexpression of insulin receptor substrate 2 leads to increased fat mass, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance during aging. Click Here
  • Psychosocial stress and diet history promote emotional feeding in female rhesus monkeys. Click Here
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue Quantification Using Lunar Prodigy. Click Here
  • Identification of a novel benzimidazole derivative as a highly potent NPY Y5 receptor antagonist with an anti-obesity profile. Click Here
  • Novel melanocortin 4 receptor agonist causes weight loss in obese rhesus macaques. Click Here
  • Understanding the role of gut microbes and probiotics in obesity: How far are we? Click Here
  • The role of gut microbiota in human obesity: Recent findings and future perspectives. Click Here
  • Non-glucose metabolism in cancer cells—is it all in the fat? Click Here


  • Wales' top doctor Ruth Hussey suggests debate over an 'obesity law'. Click Here
  • Strengthening the rigour of population-wide, community-based obesity prevention evaluations. Click Here
  • Cheaper Fruits And Vegetables Alone Can't Save Food Deserts. Click Here
  • No statistically significant associations were found between fast-food density/variety and consumption. Click Here
  • A fat debate on big food? Unraveling blogosphere reactions. Click Here
  • Study finds high customer support for nutritional disclosure at restaurants. Click Here
  • The effect of reduced-fat labelling on chocolate expectations. Click Here
  • Childhood obesity, parental duties of care and strategies for intervention. Click Here
  • Medicare agrees to pick up the tab for obesity counseling. Click Here
  • Behavioral Determinants of Obesity: Research Findings and Policy Implications. Click Here
  • Study says medical schools under-focus on obesity. Click Here


  • Consuming pork proteins at breakfast reduces the feeling of hunger before lunch, but not subsequent energy intake. Click Here
  • Egg breakfast caused lower intake of energy relative to croissant- and cereal-based breakfasts at subsequent lunch and evening meal. Click Here
  • New weight loss diet recommends high-carb and protein big breakfast. Click Here
  • Differential roles of breakfast only (one meal per day) and a bigger breakfast with a small dinner (two meals per day) in mice fed a high-fat diet with regard to induced obesity and lipid metabolism. Click Here
  • A School Breakfast Program did not have a significant effect on children's school attendance or academic achievement. Click Here
  • Acute glycaemic load breakfast manipulations do not attenuate cognitive impairments in adults with type 2 diabetes. Click Here
  • The breakfast effect: Dogs (Canis familiaris) search more accurately when they are less hungry. Click Here
  • Short-term effect of macronutrient composition and glycemic index of a yoghurt breakfast on satiety and mood in healthy young men. Click Here
  • Skipping breakfast: Morningness-eveningness preference is differentially related to state and trait food cravings. Click Here
  • Logic does not apply: Breakfast. Click Here

Stigma & Bias

  • Lose weight for a raise only if overweight: Marginal integration for semi-linear panel models. Click Here
  • Weight-based stigma and physician bias. Click Here
  • Implicit and Explicit Anti-Fat Bias among a Large Sample of Medical Doctors by BMI, Race/Ethnicity and Gender. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Media Distortion. Study: Obesity Gene May Fight Depression; Media: Fat People Are Really Jolly! Click Here
  • Unsure what the future will bring? You may overindulge: Uncertainty increases the appeal of wants over shoulds. Click Here
  • The Gargle Effect: Rinsing the Mouth With Glucose Enhances Self-Control. Click Here
  • Watching a food-related television show and caloric intake. A laboratory study. Click Here
  • The Negative Association of Childhood Obesity to Cognitive Control of Action Monitoring. Click Here
  • Explaining the failures of obesity therapy: willpower attenuation, target miscalculation or metabolic compensation? Click Here
  • Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity. Click Here
  • How vegetables make the meal: their hedonic and heroic impact on perceptions of the meal and of the preparer. Click Here
  • Healthy Foods Thought to Be Unhealthy at First Glance. Click Here
  • Isolating the effect of major depression on obesity: role of selection bias. Click Here
  • Projecting the Effect of Changes in Smoking and Obesity on Future Life Expectancy in the United States. Click Here
  • Adding complementary food in addition to breast milk to infants' diets from 4 months of age does not affect growth rate between 4 and 6 months: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Click Here
  • Zonisamide for weight reduction in obese adults: a 1-year randomized controlled trial. Click Here
  • 'Fat' Drug could treat epilepsy. Click Here
  • Efficacy of rimonabant in obese patients with binge eating disorder. Click Here
  • Short message service reduces dropout in childhood obesity treatment: A randomized controlled trial. Click Here
  • Researchers find gene variants linked to sleep habits, time of death. Click Here
  • The relationship between eating-related individual differences and visual attention to foods high in added fat and sugar. Click Here
  • Exercise key for healthy children. Click Here
  • Is vibration exercise a useful addition to a weight management program? Click Here
  • Socioeconomic variation in the relationship between obesity and life expectancy. Click Here
  • Fructose metabolism in humans – what isotopic tracer studies tell us. Click Here
  • Diabetes Rates Soar in U.S. as 18 States See Cases Double. Click Here
  • Daycare linked to obesity risk in kids, Quebec study finds. Click Here


  • Sarcopenia Conference, Dec 6-7, Orlando Florida. Click Here
  • Kelly D. Brownell: Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology. Click Here
  • Nationwide Childhood Obesity Challenge Winners Announced. Click Here

Some Recent and Upcoming Communications from Gary Taubes

  • Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing. Click Here
  • Upcoming Forum - Why we get fat: Diet Trends & Food Policy. Click Here
  • What Really Makes Us Fat. Click Here
  • Calories vs. nutrients. Click Here

General Science

  • A comparative assessment of univariate longevity measures using zoological animal records. Click Here
  • When Cheating Would Make You a Cheater: Implicating the Self Prevents Unethical Behavior. Click Here
  • Scientific inbreeding and same-team replication: Type D personality as an example. Click Here
  • Bateman in Nature: Predation on Offspring Reduces the Potential for Sexual Selection. Click Here
  • New ORCID ID Aims to Resolve Authorship Confusion. Click Here
  • The Changing Face of Journal Metrics. Click Here
  • Improving the Reporting of Clinical Research - An Editor's View. Click Here
Nov 16 2012 post

Basic Science

  • Study links arctic ground squirrels to human obesity. Click Here
  • Diet-induced obesity in ad libitum-fed mice: food texture overrides the effect of macronutrient composition. Click Here
  • Effects of the Physical Form of the Diet on Food Intake, Growth, and Body Composition Changes in Mice. Click Here
  • Effects of resveratrol on longevity, cognitive ability and aging-related histological markers in the annual fish Nothobranchius guentheri. Click Here
  • Isotopic evidence that "our ancestors ate grass 3.5 million years ago". Click Here
  • Obesity-related differences in muscular capacity during sustained isometric exertions. Click Here
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, energy balance, and obesity: mechanistic insights and therapeutic implications. Click Here
  • FTO genotype is associated with phenotypic variability of body mass index. Click Here
  • Loss-of-function mutations in MC4R are very rare in the Greek severely obese adult population. Click Here
  • FABP4 Dynamics in Obesity: Discrepancies in Adipose Tissue and Liver Expression Regarding Circulating Plasma Levels. Click Here
  • Rhein Protects against Obesity through LXR-Mediated UCP1 Upregulation in BAT. Click Here
  • Inhibition of CPT-1 Activity Alleviates Insulin Resistance in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Click Here
  • Circulation Research: Diabetes and Obesity thematic synopsis. Click Here
  • Trajectories of Agouti-Related Protein and Leptin Levels During Antipsychotic-Associated Weight Gain in Patients With Schizophrenia. Click Here
  • Discovery of a novel non-steroidal GR antagonist with in vivo efficacy in the olanzapine-induced weight gain model in the rat. Click Here
  • Obesity in mice with adipocyte-specific deletion of clock component Arntl. Click Here
  • Progressive-ratio Responding for Palatable High-fat and High-sugar Food in Mice (Video article). Click Here
  • Adipocyte size is associated with NAFLD independent of obesity, fat distribution and PNPLA3 genotype. Click Here
  • Sustained sleep fragmentation affects brain temperature, food intake and glucose tolerance in mice. Click Here

Policy related

  • Adults get almost as many empty calories from booze as from soft drinks, a government study found. Click Here
  • Bans on Sugary Drinks in Schools Have Little Impact on Consumption. Click Here
  • Sugar-sweetened beverage ban decreases in-school access but not overall consumption. Click Here
  • Sugar taxes and weight loss predictions. Click Here
  • Fast food menus' calorie counts remain high despite increased scrutiny. Click Here
  • Paternalism, Obesity, and Tolerable Levels of Risk. Click Here
  • Denmark scraps its infamous fat tax after only one year. Click Here
  • Tipping the Scale: A Place for Childhood Obesity in the Evolving Legal Framework of Child Abuse and Neglect. Click Here (https://litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com/webcd/app?action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=12+Yale+J.+Health+Pol'y+L.+%26+Ethics+336&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=bb18a70f503af94b96eafabffebe2460)
  • Exploring Health and Environmental Costs of Food: Workshop Summary. Click Here
  • Role of Policy and Government in the Obesity Epidemic. Click Here
  • Non-white female Democratic legislators concerned about obesity are most likely to support obesity prevention legislation. Click Here
  • Weighing in on Sugary Drinks: NIH Director's Blog. Click Here
  • An ethical framework for the prevention of overweight and obesity: a tool for thinking through a programme's ethical aspects. Click Here
  • When does dietary knowledge matter to obesity and overweight prevention? Click Here


  • Virtual Forum: Childhood Obesity & the Environment, November 29. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral: RCTs

  • Simply conversing about exercise led to more food intake. Click Here
  • No effect on weight gain of women assigned to eat 30 grams of chocolate daily during pregnancy. Click Here
  • Snacking shows no weight gain induced by assignment to ~ 260 kcal daily snacks of chocolate, nuts, or potato chips. Click Here
  • Subjects assigned to consume over 200 kcal of chocolate per day neither gained nor lost weight. Click Here
  • Effects of hot bathing when combined with diet and exercise. Click Here
  • Eating protein at night increases lean body mass among exercisers. Click Here
  • No Effect of Manipulating Eating Frequency During a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention. Click Here
  • Orange Juice Limits Postprandial Fat Oxidation after Breakfast in Normal-Weight Adolescents and Adults. Click Here
  • Meat supplementation increases arm muscle area in Kenyan schoolchildren. Click Here
  • A pre-meal snack of raisins decreases mealtime food intake more than grapes in young children. Click Here
  • Group-randomized obesity prevention trial in American Indian children. Click Here
  • Calorie restriction is a superior approach to weight management than intuitive eating: an RCT. Click Here
  • Family-based models for childhood-obesity intervention: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Click Here
  • Internet- and paper-based weight loss programs aimed at men improve obesity. Click Here
  • Effects of Mediterranean diet not different between abdominally and non-abdominally obese. Click Here
  • Effects of Treatment Differences on Psychosocial Predictors of Exercise and Improved Eating in Obese, Middle-Age Adults. Click Here
  • Aerobic exercise alone results in clinically significant weight loss for men and women: Midwest Exercise Trial-2. Click Here
  • Vagal Blockade to treat morbid obesity was safe, but weight loss was not greater in treated compared to controls. Click Here
  • Greater weight loss and hormonal changes after 6 months diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner. Click Here
  • Obesity, Weight Loss, and Employment Prospects: Evidence from a Randomized Trial. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral: Non-RCTs

  • Fat spouses and hours of work: are body and Pareto weights correlated? Click Here
  • A cloud-based serious games framework for obesity. Click Here
  • Balloon that fools your body's calorie counter could help combat obesity. Click Here
  • Dietary protein - its role in satiety, energetics, weight loss and health. Click Here
  • More play great weapon against child obesity. Click Here
  • Obesity and oral disease - a challenge for dentistry. Click Here
  • The Barker hypothesis and obesity: Connections for transdisciplinarity and social justice. Click Here
  • Clinical Tracking of Severely Obese Children: A New Growth Chart. Click Here
  • UAB professor gets grant to help improve weight and exercise of kids with Down syndrome. Click Here
  • How Much Weight Change Is Necessary for Normalization of Weight Status in Children? Click Here
  • Piecing Together Puzzling Questions about Weight. Click Here
  • Dietary treatment in phenylketonuria does not lead to increased risk of obesity or metabolic syndrome. Click Here
  • "What My Doctor Didn't Tell Me": Examining Health Care Provider Advice to Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women on Gestational Weight Gain and Physical Activity. Click Here
  • Unhealthy food is not tastier for everybody: The "healthy = tasty" French intuition. Click Here
  • Changes in daily leptin, ghrelin and adiponectin profiles following a diet with carbohydrates eaten at dinner in obese subjects. Click Here
  • Anthropometric markers of obesity and mortality in white and African American adults: The Pennington Center Longitudinal Study. Click Here
  • Derivation of Background Mortality by Smoking and Obesity in Cancer Simulation Models. Click Here
  • The independent effect of body mass index on health-related quality of life among racial and ethnic subgroups. Click Here
  • Waist Circumference and Abdominal Obesity among Older Adults: Patterns, Prevalence and Trends. Click Here
  • Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Body Weight, Image and Self-Esteem Evaluation questionnaire in patients with severe mental disorders. Click Here
  • Investigating the potential relationship between skeletal muscle atrophy and obesity. Click Here
  • The Association Between Body Mass Index and Heath Related Quality of Life: Influence of Ethnicity on this Relationship. Click Here
  • The association between obesity and colorectal adenoma: systematic review and meta-analysis. Click Here
  • Consumers with healthier eating habits snack more. Click Here
  • Anthropometrical differences between suicide and other non-natural death circumstances: an autopsy study. Click Here

Research Integrity

  • Are Research Papers Reporting Results from Nutrigenetics Clinical Research a Potential Source of Biohype? Click Here
  • Rigid guidelines may restrict research. Click Here
  • Scientific Misconduct and the Myth of Self-Correction in Science. Click Here
  • Replicability and research practices in psychological science (special issue). Click Here
  • Solving the Problem of Irreproducible Results. Click Here
  • DSM-5 Task Force Proposes Controversial Diagnosis for Dishonest Scientists. Click Here
  • Fixing the fraud: how do we safeguard science from misconduct? (Panel discussion). Click Here
  • Nine Circles of Scientific Hell. Click Here

General Science

  • Evidence that people follow probability theory when judging probabilities, and that biases in judgment are due to noise. Click Here
  • Diet-induced alterations of host cholesterol metabolism are likely to affect gut microbiota composition in hamsters. Click Here
  • Dietary Cholesterol and CVD - ENC Nutrition Research Update Special Cholesterol Edition. Click Here
  • Association of Race and Sex With Risk of Incident Acute Coronary Heart Disease Events. Click Here
  • 'Palaeo-porn': we've got it all wrong. Click Here
  • Variants Identified in a GWAS Meta-Analysis for Blood Lipids Are Associated with the Lipid Response to Fenofibrate. Click Here
  • Factors Causing Assortative Mating in Threespine Stickleback. Click Here
  • The marmoset monkey: A multi-purpose preclinical and translational model of human biology and disease (Review). Click Here
  • Analyses of pig genomes provide insight into porcine demography and evolution. Click Here
  • Hyperamylinemia as a novel risk factor for diabetic heart disease. Click Here
  • How did milk help found Western civilization? Click Here
  • Taking gastronomy to the molecular level creates unprecedented flavor combos. Click Here
Nov 9 2012 post

Policy Related

  • Beverages and body weight: challenges in the evidence-based review process of the Carbohydrate Subcommittee from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Click here
  • Agricultural Subsidies: Are They a Contributing Factor to the American Obesity Epidemic? Click Here
  • Author claims: To diminish the number of overweight people the focal point should be on evoking the right amount of fear. Click Here
  • Mayor Bloomberg Loves Breastfeeding More Than You Do. Click Here
  • New York voters unconvinced on Bloomberg health measures. Click Here
  • Energy intake from Fast Food Restaurants Declined in 2003-2008, Before Menu Labeling. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Core temperature: a forgotten variable in energy expenditure and obesity? Click Here
  • Effects of spring-summer temperature on body mass of chamois. Click Here
  • Seasonal acclimatization in game animals and implications for meat composition. Click Here
  • Resting and exercise energy use in Antarctica: Effect of 50% restriction in temperate climate energy requirements. Click Here
  • The adipose organ: white-brown adipocyte plasticity and metabolic inflammation. Click Here
  • Sex-dependent differences in rat brown adipose tissue mitochondrial biogenesis and insulin signaling parameters in response to an obesogenic diet. Click Here
  • Weight loss resistance in Ponies. Click Here
  • Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles? Click Here
  • Relationship between markers of body fat and calcaneal bone stiffness differs between preschool and primary school children: Results from the IDEFICS baseline survey. Click Here
  • Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism. Click Here
  • Positive natural selection of TRIB2, a novel gene that influences visceral fat accumulation, in East Asia. Click Here
  • mTOR signalling: the molecular interface connecting metabolic stress, aging and cardiovascular diseases. Click Here
  • Seven sirtuins for seven deadly diseases of aging. Click Here
  • E4orf1 improves lipid and glucose metabolism in hepatocytes: a template to improve steatosis & hyperglycemia. Click Here
  • Nitrogen in dietary glutamate is exclusively utilized for the synthesis of amino acids in the rat intestine. Click Here
  • C5aR and C3aR antagonists each inhibit diet-induced obesity, metabolic dysfunction, and adipocyte and macrophage signaling. Click Here


  • Upcoming Keystone Meeting: Nutrition, Epigenetics and Human Disease. Click Here
  • Metabolomics Symposium Save the Date 12/12/12. Click Here

Sleep & Obesity

  • Insufficient Sleep as a Contributor to Weight Gain: An Update. Click Here
  • Seasonal differences in melatonin concentrations and heart rates during sleep in obese subjects in Japan. Click Here
  • Short Sleep Duration, Glucose Dysregulation and Hormonal Regulation of Appetite in Men and Women . Click Here
  • Exposure to Light at Night, Nocturnal Urinary Melatonin Excretion, and Obesity/Dyslipidemia in the Elderly: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the HEIJO-KYO Study . Click Here
  • Waking up to weight: The meditational role of sympathovagal balance in the relation between inadequate sleep and childhood obesity. Click Here

Sugar, SSB's & Obesity

  • Effects of high fructose corn syrup beverage on indices of resting metabolism as compared to a sucrose beverage. Click Here
  • Effects of Differentially Sweetened Beverages on Hepatic and Adipose De Novo Lipogenesis in Healthy Young Adults. Click Here
  • National trends in beverage consumption in children from birth to 5 years: analysis of NHANES across three decades. Click Here
  • Fructose impacts on gut microbiota and obesity - letter. Click Here
  • Fructose impacts on gut microbiota and obesity - response to H. C. Stevens. Click Here
  • Effects of Fructose Containing Sugars on Lipids, Blood Pressure and Uric Acid When Consumed at Up to 90th Percentile Population Consumption Levels. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Link Discovered Between Driver Obesity and Crash Risk. Click Here
  • A computational study of injury severity and pattern sustained by overweight drivers in frontal motor vehicle crashes. Click Here
  • Impact of testosterone on body fat and composition. Click Here
  • The Significance of Low Testosterone Levels in Obese Men. Click Here
  • The role of body fat in female attractiveness. Click Here
  • Mediators of weight loss in the 'Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids' pilot study for overweight fathers. Click Here
  • Leisure Time Physical Activity of Moderate to Vigorous Intensity and Mortality: A Large Pooled Cohort Analysis. Click Here
  • Long-term weight changes in obese young adult men and subsequent all-cause mortality. Click Here
  • Calories poorly grasped for maintaining weight. Click Here
  • A Quantitative Simulation Study of Obesity Development Among a Young Population. Click Here
  • University of Alberta medical research supports the 'obesity paradox'. Click Here
  • Anti-Fat Bias May Be Equally Prevalent in General Public and Medical Community. Click Here
  • Brain Reorganization following Weight Loss. Click Here
  • Alleviating poverty may be the best, if not the only, way to stop the obesity epidemic. Click Here
  • The oral microflora in obesity and type-2 diabetes. Click Here
  • Prevention of Obesity using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. Click Here
  • Predicting energy expenditure of manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury using a multisensor-based activity monitor. Click Here
  • Can Obesity Change Your Sense of Smell? . Click Here
  • Ketogenic enteral nutrition as a treatment for obesity: short term and long term results from 19,000 patients. Click Here
  • A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of an Oral, Extended-Release Formulation of Phentermine/Topiramate for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Obese Adults. Click Here
  • Is There a Link Between Infection Due to Adenovirus 36 and Childhood Obesity? Click Here
  • Program aimed at reducing screen time reduces meals eaten with TV but fails to affect weight. Click Here
  • Office-Based Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Screen Time in Preschool Children. Click Here
  • Of Mind and Matter: Psychological Dimensions in Obesity. Click Here
  • Results of a Multidisciplinary Treatment Program in 3-Year-Old to 5-Year-Old Overweight or Obese Children: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. ClickHere
  • Targeting adipose tissue. Click Here
  • Leptin regulates dopamine responses to sustained stress in humans. Click Here
  • Search query data to monitor interest in behavior change: application for public health. Click Here
  • Catechol-O-Methyltransferase val158met Polymorphism Predicts Placebo Effect in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Click Here
  • Gender obesity inequities are huge but differ greatly according to environment and socio-economics in a north African setting: a national cross-sectional study in Tunisia. Click Here
  • Associations between temperament at age 1.5 years and obesogenic diet at ages 3 and 7 years. Click Here
  • Incorporating social network effects into cost-effectiveness analysis: a methodological contribution with application to obesity prevention. Click Here
  • Decreased luteinizing hormone pulse frequency is associated with elevated twenty-four-hour ghrelin after calorie restriction and exercise in premenopausal women. Click Here
  • Sex hormone changes during weight loss and maintenance in overweight and obese postmenopausal African-American and non-African-American women. Click Here
  • Twenty-five year trends in body mass index by education and income in Finland. Click Here
  • Addressing weight gain in smoking cessation treatment: a randomized controlled trial. Click Here
  • Association between Frequency of Breakfast Eating and Obesity in Korean Adolescents. Click Here
  • Exercising before Breakfast Increases Fat Loss. Click Here
  • Modelling fat mass as a function of weekly physical activity profiles measured by Actigraph accelerometers. Click Here
  • Is there a place for coenzyme Q in the management of metabolic disorders associated with obesity? . Click Here

General Science

  • A Vast Graveyard of Undead Theories: Publication Bias and Psychological Science's Aversion to the Null. Click Here
  • Unloading the dice on research: A compulsory register of trials could give a more accurate view of studies and test results. Click Here
  • Science, truth, and forensic cultures: The exceptional legal status of DNA evidence. Click Here
  • Mentor vs. Monolith: Finding and being a good graduate advisor. Click Here
  • Mice Predict Spread of Skin Cancer in Humans. Click Here
  • Beaming into the Rat World: Enabling Real-Time Interaction between Rat and Human Each at Their Own Scale. Click Here
  • Replicability in Psychological Science A Crisis of Confidence? Click Here
  • Gender Bias Pervasive in Academic Hiring : Outdated Cultural Stereotypes Can Prevent Women from Securing Jobs in the Life Sciences. Click Here
  • Content area experts as authors: helpful or harmful for systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Click Here
  • Life Sciences Salary Survey 2012. Click Here
  • A Discussion With George Church On His New Book Regenesis And Synthetic Biology. Click Here
  • Navigating Airport Security with an Insulin Pump and/or Sensor. Click Here
  • An overview on standard statistical methods for assessing exposure-outcome link in survival analysis (Part II): the Kaplan-Meier analysis and the Cox regression method. Click Here
  • Evolutionary layering and the limits to cellular perfection. Click Here
  • Preventing and Controlling Hypertension in the Era of Genomic Innovation and Environmental Transformation . Click Here
Nov 2 2012 post

Basic Science

  • Bowels control brain: gut hormones and obesity. Click Here
  • Activation of AMPK by the Putative Dietary Restriction Mimetic Metformin Is Insufficient to Extend Lifespan in Drosophila. Click Here
  • Energetic costs of cellular computation. Click Here
  • Performance, Personality, and Energetics: Correlation, Causation, and Mechanism. Click Here
  • Metabolic constraint imposes tradeoff between body size and number of brain neurons in human evolution. Click Here
  • Barnacle Geese Achieve Significant Energetic Savings by Changing Posture. Click Here
  • Peripheral injections of melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 antagonist S38151 decrease food intake and body weight in rodent obesity models. Click Here
  • PPARgamma activation attenuates cold-induced upregulation of thyroid status and brown adipose tissue PGC-1alpha and D2. Click Here
  • Obesity-programmed mice are rescued by early genetic intervention. Click Here
  • Skeletal effects of long-term caloric restriction in rhesus monkeys. Click Here
  • Methionine sulfoxide reductase a affects insulin resistance by protecting insulin receptor function. Click Here
  • Dietary resistant starch dose-dependently reduces adiposity in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant male rats. Click Here
  • Effect of an obesogenic diet during the juvenile period on growth pattern, fatness and metabolic, cardiovascular and reproductive features of swine with obesity/leptin resistance. Click Here

Policy Related

  • Harvard Crimson: Correlation Still Doesn't Equal Causation in Soda Studies. Click Here
  • Public health efforts to promote healthy beverages should recognize the potential impact of tap water perceptions on water and SSB intake among minority populations. Click Here
  • A conditional cash transfer scheme in Colombia is Associated with Obesity in Women. Click Here
  • Effect of source of funding on weight loss up to 3 years after gastric banding. Click Here
  • Childhood Obesity in Alabama: A Call to Action. Click Here
  • Yes: Food labels would let consumers make informed choices . Click Here
  • No: Labels on GM foods unnecessary; biotech crops are "safe" . Click Here
  • More on GMO: "Trust Science - Unless You Can't Trust Science, Say Scientists". Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral

  • Data did not support hypothesis that children accumulated more sedentary time on school days compared to weekend days. Click Here
  • Dean Ornish Op-Ed: Eating for Health, Not Weight. Click Here
  • Adenovirus-36 antibody status & BMI comparison among obese Missouri adolescents. Click Here
  • Implantable gastric stimulator designed to reduce hunger. Click Here
  • Is the Health Burden Associated With Obesity Changing? Click Here
  • Eating habits in the turn of the 19th and 20th century: exhibition of menu cards at the Sarajevo City Museum. Click Here
  • Subtle changes in the flavour and texture of a drink enhance expectations of satiety. Click Here
  • Effects of biggest loser exercise depictions on exercise-related attitudes. Click Here
  • High energy expenditure masks low physical activity in obesity. Click Here
  • Maternal and Early Childhood Risk Factors for Overweight and Obesity among Low-Income Predominantly Black Children at Age Five Years: A Prospective Cohort Study. Click Here
  • Rational snacking: Young children's decision-making on the marshmallow task is moderated by beliefs about environmental reliability. Click Here
  • Dolly Parton and the art of dieting . Click Here
  • Obesity & Olfaction: Revealing the Unexpected Dangers of Obesity . Click Here
  • The built environment moderates effects of family-based childhood obesity treatment over 2 years. Click Here
  • Food after deprivation rewards the earlier eating . Click Here
  • A Case Study of Metabolic Syndrome without Hypertension in a Fijian Coastal Fishing Village. Click Here
  • Association of food form with self-reported 24-h energy intake and meal patterns in US adults: NHANES 2003-2008. Click Here
  • Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults: United States, 2007-2010. Click Here
  • Blood Pressure Randomized Methodology Study Comparing Automatic Oscillometric and Mercury Sphygmomanometer Devices: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009-2010. Click Here
  • Influence of Stress in Parents on Child Obesity and Related Behaviors. Click Here
  • Systematic review and meta-analyses of risk factors for childhood overweight identifiable during infancy. Click Here
  • Visceral Obesity and Colorectal Cancer: Are We Missing the Boat with BMI? Click Here
  • Fruit and vegetable intake and eating behaviors mediate the effect of a randomized text-message based weight loss program. Click Here
  • Obesity-Susceptibility Loci and Their Influence on Adiposity-Related Traits in Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood - The HUNT Study. Click Here
  • Fatty acid composition of adipose tissue triglycerides after weight loss and weight maintenance. The Diogenes Study. Click Here
  • Obesity: A Transgenerational Problem Linked to Nutrition during Pregnancy. Click Here
  • Understanding overeating and obesity. Click Here
  • Patterning of children's sedentary time at and away from school. Click Here

General Science

  • Andrew Weil/AAFP Article Rejected by Slate. Click Here
  • Twins and the mystery of missing heritability: the contribution of gene-environment interactions. Click Here
  • A Comprehensive Survey of Retracted Articles from the Scholarly Literature. Click Here
  • The Epistemic Integrity of Scientific Research. Click Here
  • Effect of ultraviolet light on water- and fat-soluble vitamins in cow and goat milk. Click Here
  • Assessment of systematic effects of methodological characteristics on candidate genetic associations. Click Here
  • Empirical Evaluation of Very Large Treatment Effects of Medical Interventions. Click Here
  • Drosophila melanogaster Selection for Survival of Bacillus cereus Infection: Life History Trait Indirect Responses. Click Here
  • Detecting Causality in Complex Ecosystems. Click Here
  • A Systematic Approach to Multifactorial Cardiovascular Disease : Causal Analysis. Click Here
  • Announcement: Nikhil Dhurandhar Named John Henry Hernandez Endowed Professor in Health Promotion. Click Here
  • Ethical Virtues in Scientific Research. Click Here