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What is screen?

Its a Unix tool that allows you to connect to remote server using a virtual terminal that deals with several processes. For more information connect to our falcon machine using ssh. Type

man screen

For example to check information about screen command on falcon

your-home-dir>man screen

This will provide detailed information about screen.

How is it useful?

  • When you want your job to run in the background. When you are running a program on a remote server in a interactive mode. Your program will get killed if there is a network connection loss while the program is still running. In such cases using screen is very helpful as it allows the process to run in the background. Even if the network connection is broken, you can reattach the screen(after connecting to the server again) to the process you are running on the server.

How do I use it?

*ssh to server
*run screen
*type add commands as usual
*detach screen (or if it forcibly detached because your ssh session ends) (ctrl-a d)
*reattach screen when you want to reuse the shell (screen -r)


Pretty good article on using screen
basic SCREEN tutorial:


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