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General Guidelines

For each new library we cover, it is recommended that you do at least the following:

  1. Read the library documentation (specifically the quick start or tutorial, at least enough to understand the philosophy; as you get more advanced, you should read all the docs)
  2. Download and install the library to your development environment
  3. Write a short test program that uses the library
  4. Read additional suggested reading (recommended 3rd party articles or chapters from books)
  5. Review wiki page for library if available. Bring it up-to-date with your experiences
Week 1
  • CVS
  • Jakarta POI
Week 2
Week 3
  • Ant
  • log4j - discuss versus System.out/err
  • JFreeChart
Week 4
  • Java Web Start
  • Review CVS, JUnit, Ant, JCF
  • Review POI, JMSL, log4j, JFreeChart
Numerical programming
  • None