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This page is a place for emacs/xemacs users to share info and tips on installing and running emacs.


  • T:\jelai\Zips\xemacs_packages
  • The installer is setup.exe and works much the same as cygwin's installer (in fact, at least part of the installation appears to be cygwin-based).

How do I get syntax highlighting to work?


  • Create a .xemacs directory in your home directory (manually or by Options->Edit Init File in the menu) and copy (or cut & paste) the attached init.el.
  • Edit the init.el to point to your installation of R (specifically Rterm.exe).
  • This init.el should give you syntax highlighting of R code as well as an R terminal buffer. Thanks to Vinodh for putting this init.el together.


  • This is my really old .emacs in case anyone finds it useful. Mostly put together from Chris Green's .emacs file many many years ago.

What if that doesn't work??

Dr. Cui has followed these instructions with success.

Python-mode in Emacs


  • Copy python-mode.el (see below) to some directory "foo". Then add the following to the file you have in your root called .emacs:

(setq load-path `("foo" . ,load-path))
(load-library "python-mode")
(setq auto-mode-alist
(cons '("
.py$" . python-mode) auto-mode-alist))

where "foo" is the directory you copied python-mode.el to.

Emacs cheat sheet


  • None