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Week of Sept 25


  1. DONE Meet to discuss plans for this week (JW CS VS)
  2. DONE Send e-mail to SSG informing them of plans to move web servers to a more stable server (JW)
  3. DONE Add databases and Tomcat to init scripts (CS)
  4. DONE Test reboot at 5 PM for init scripts (CS JW)


  1. Integrate ViewVC into Tomcat (or Apache) (VS CS)
    1. Add URL for ViewVC to URL list below so we don't miss it for testing (VS)
  2. DONE Copy wiki data to falcon (practice) (VS)
  3. Test reboot at 5 PM for ViewVC in init scripts (CS VS JW)


  1. DONE Give Landy heads up on the upcoming DNS changes; see if he anticipates any problems; maybe do this earlier? (CS JW)
  2. Add init script notes to wiki (CS)


  1. Migrate wiki data to falcon (sync) (VS)
  2. DONE Update conf/server.xml and vhosts set up in apache with the real virtual hosts ahead of DNS switchover (JW)
  3. Initiate DNS switchover (at noon, discuss this time) for:
    1.,,, what else? (CS)
    2. DONE, (JW)


  1. If all is well, take down Tomcat and other services on deathstar (JW VS CS)


  • DONE Test that CVS checkout works properly. (JW)
    • DONE While the DNS record is not pointing to falcon yet, you'll need to use something like cvs -d checkout <module name>.
  • DONE Test HDBSTAT, power_atlas (JW)
    • DONE compile
    • DONE run unit tests
  • DONE Once we are satisfied that the new repository appears to be working, request that the DNS record is updated. (CS)
    • "Disable" the CVS repository in some way so that users don't mistakenly commit to the older repository while the DNS change propagates to all servers.
  • DONE Need to create bmqtl group and users like on deathstar (CS)


Scenario #1 - Tomcat on port 80, apache on port 81

  • Test that the Tomcat start and stop script works (this is the one that must run as root to bind to port 80).
    • First Carlos has to configure apache to run on port 81. (CS)
    • Test that bugzilla works on port 81.
    • Then run something like: sudo ./bin/ start from the tomcat directory.
      • Make sure sudo is configured correctly (CS)

Scenario #2 - Apache on port 80, Tomcat on port 8009 connected using jk

  • Test Tomcat (JW)
    • wiki, HDBSTAT web site, power atlas web site, SSG web site redirect, poplar genomics web site
  • Need to migrate wiki data (VS)
  • Pay particular attention to the manager and hdbstat auth db related items
  • Once we are satisfied, request the update of the DNS records for and (CS)
    • Test the redirect (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) (JW)
    • Keep the services running on deathstar until DNS switchover happens completely (probably 24-48 hours).


  • Backup wiki data directory on deathstar.
  • Bring down vqwiki on deathstar.
  • Restore backed-up wiki data-dir on falcon
  • Edit file for vqwiki@falcon
    • Edit 'base-context'
    • edit 'homeDir'


  • Update init scripts (CS)
    • Add mysql (both instances) and mckoi to init scripts
    • Add tomcat to init scripts
  • Turn off monitor while we wait for DNS update to happen? (JW)
  • Turn monitor back on later (JW)
  • Did Landy say anything about other records under (CS)
    • I just remembered, there may be others, please follow up with me.
    • Forgot another one,
  • Remove /home/home.tgz on falcon? (CS)

Before DNS switchover

The URLs below are configured using an apache + vhosts + jk + tomcat set up using "fake" URLs to simulate the behavior of this system before we switch the real domain names to falcon. (surrogate for (surrogate for (surrogate for (surrogate for (surrogate for (surrogate for

After DNS switchover

Apache Preparation Notes

Configuration Files

  • Minor note: I had assumed I needed to add mod_jk to the APACHE_MODULES environment variable, but when I did, apache complained that it was already loaded.


  • Had to comment out the AddModule line as recommended for Apache 2.0

I have modified the /etc/sysconfig/apache2 file to read httpd.conf.local and set the following

Restarting the server
/usr/sbin/apache2ctl start|stop <-- This one appears not to read the sysconfig.
/etc/rc.d/apache2 restart <-- This one appears to read the sysconfig.

Modules directory
Downloaded the binary into the modules directory, which is what they recommended.

Log files

Notes from Carlos
I have created the mod_jk.conf file and added the following into it

# Load mod_jk module
# Update this path to match your modules location
	[vqwiki:LoadModule]	 jk_module  /usr/lib64/apache2/
# Where to find
# Update this path to match your conf directory location (put next to httpd.conf)
	[vqwiki:JkWorkersFile] /etc/apache2/
# Where to put jk logs
# Update this path to match your logs directory location (put mod_jk.log 	next to access_log)
	[vqwiki:JkLogFile]	  /var/log/apache2/mod_jk.log
# Set the jk log level [vqwiki:debug/error/info]
	[vqwiki:JkLogLevel]	 info
# Select the log format
	[vqwiki:JkLogStampFormat] "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y] "
# [vqwiki:JkOptions] indicate to send SSL KEY SIZE,
	[vqwiki:JkOptions]	  +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompat -[vqwiki:ForwardDirectories]
# [vqwiki:JkRequestLogFormat] set the request format
	[vqwiki:JkRequestLogFormat]	  "%w %V %T"
# Send everything for context /examples to worker named worker1 (ajp13)
	[vqwiki:JkMount]  /examples/* worker1

The httpd.conf documentation recommended that I not modify the httpd.conf file but instead create my own httpd.conf.local file and include the mod_jk.conf file there. It allows for easier upgrading so I have done that.

The httpd.conf.local files contains

Include /etc/apache2/mod_jk.conf

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