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Location Learning Resource Center 215; Time: 1-2pm


10/30/15Xinyan ZhangStatistical Methods for cancer survival prediction
11/13/15Huan ZhongAlternative splicing of XLGs in Arabidopsis Thaliana
11/27/15Thanksgiving - no meeting 
12/11/15no meeting 
12/25/15Christmas - no meeting 
1/8/16no meeting 
1/22/16no meeting 
2/5/16Sujan KhadkaGithub and why you should use it
2/19/16Amanda Hall

 An Introduction to the tcR Package and its Prospective Application in the Field of Kidney Transplantation

3/4/16Holly HartmanNovel Approach to Analyzing ELISA Data
3/18/16Vincent A. LauferThe Genetics of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and enrichment analysis of candidate causal variants.
4/1/16Fuchenchu WangMicrobiome Analysis on Hard Wood Smoke Exposure
4/15/16Xin GengGenome-wide Association Studies of Complex Traits in Catfish
4/29/16Allison FialkowskiGenetic Dosing of Warfarin in African-American Patients 
5/13/16Xueyan ZhaoA PheWAS study of a large observational epidemiological cohort of African Americans: the REGARDS study
5/27/16Zai Xiang Tang

The Spike-and-Slab lasso Cox Model for Survival Prediction and Associated Genes Detection

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