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Quick start

  • Read Chapter 1-2 in 'Pragmatic Automation'.
  • Read 'Using Ant' chapter in the ant manual.
  • Set up and install ant to your development environment.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Follow the instructions in the ant manual under Installing Ant to configure your environment
    • basically you add ant to your PATH and set the ANT_HOME environmental variable
  • Read the Using Ant section of the manual to get a flavor for why Ant is great.
  • If you've used Unix make before, ant is roughly the same thing as a specialized tool for Java


How do I get svn support?
See for an ant task that uses a JNI interface to the subversion libraries. This apparently requires the JavaHL libraries to be installed on your system.

The other option is to use <exec> to call the command-line client. Obviously this requires the command-line client to be installed.

This thread talks about the options in very superficial detail:

This thread mentions an antlib option that "wraps the svn binary" and "is available in 1.6":

This thread mentions that the javahl option is a pain, but suggests alternatives:

This thread comments on support for cvschangelog:


  • None