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The SSG has a set of servers running the Windows OS available for running compute- or memory-intensive processes that would monopolize resources if run at the desktop.
Currently, SSG has one high-end windows server: ssg4


  • 24 Cores, Dual Sockets, ~ 780 GB of RAM.



What is the difference between disconnecting and logging off?
If you click the 'X' at the top of a remote desktop session, you will be "disconnected". That means your jobs continue to run, and you can reconnect later to check your job.

If you are not running jobs, you will want to log off by going to Start->Log Off. This is preferrable to simply disconnecting because it clears your session (deletes temp files, removes stray processes, frees memory, etc), which we all know you need to do with Windows boxes.

How do I connect to one of the workstations from my desktop?
If you are using Windows XP, the easiest way is to go to your Start menu on your desktop and select Start-> Programs-> Accessories-> Communications-> Remote Desktop Connection. Type in the name of the workstation you'd like to connect to and click the 'Connect' button.

Use your Windows SOPH domain user name and password to log in.

What kinds of programs can I run on these workstations?
Each server has the following programs installed: SAS, Java, Cygwin, R, Bioconductor. The MITS team will also install other pieces of software as necessary.

How can I tell if my job is still running?
Right-click on your task bar and select 'Task Manager'. The task manager will tell you what applications are running, how much CPU and memory they are using, and who else is active on the workstation.

How can I access my local drives (and other local devices)?
Select Remote Desktop Connection-> Options. This will let you access local devices (like your C: partition), configure your connection, whether to pass through key combinations, etc.

What if I don't run Windows XP?
Windows XP comes with the Remote Desktop Client software. For other Windows versions, you can download an RDP client from here.

Past Servers


  • dual quad-core Intel Xeon E5450 3 GHz. 64 GB of RAM.


  • dual 2.4 GHz Xeon. 2 GB of RAM.
  • Shared SOPH workstation.


  • vmware ESX virtual server on SOPH Sun V40Z.
  • For Pathway Studio Central users or special requests only.
  • None