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  • "Computational solutions to large-scale data management and analysis", Schadt et al., NRG, doi:10.1038/nrg2857
    • Good place to start reading.
  • "Shaping the Higher Education Cloud",
    • Worth reading this one too. Executive summary of an EDUCAUSE and NACUBO Feb 2010 meeting, has a mix of industry and academic perspectives, with focus on cloud computing for higher education. Got this link from David Shealy.
    • Locally saved PDF
  • Dudley et al.: Translational bioinformatics in the cloud: an affordable alternative. Genome Medicine 2010 2:51. doi: 10.1186/gm172
  • "Up in a cloud?", Nature Biotechnology 28, 13 - 15 (2010), doi:10.1038/nbt0110-13.
  • None