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Posted 01/18/13.

Basic Science - Animals

  • Improving Metabolism by Throwing Out All the JNK Click Here
  • Weight loss 'is body's way of fighting off gut worms' Click Here
  • Detrimental effects of constant light exposure and high-fat diet on circadian energy metabolism and insulin sensitivity Click Here
  • Tributyltin makes mice fat Click Here
  • Anti-obesity effects of hot water extract and high hydrostatic pressure extract of garlic in rats fed a high-fat diet. Click Here
  • Caloric Restriction Enhances Fear Extinction Learning in Mice. Click Here
  • Oxidative damage increases with reproductive energy expenditure and is reduced by food-supplementation Click Here
  • Paternal diet-induced obesity retards early mouse embryo development, mitochondrial activity and pregnancy health. Click Here
  • Maternal weight gain induced by an obesogenic diet affects adipose accumulation, liver weight, and insulin homeostasis in the rat offspring depending on the sex. Click Here
  • JNK Expression by Macrophages Promotes Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Inflammation Click Here
  • Dental infection of Porphyromonas gingivalis exacerbates high fat diet-induced steatohepatitis in mice. Click Here
  • Fecal microbiota in lean and obese dogs. Click Here
  • Allometry of thermal variables in mammals: consequences of body size and phylogeny. Click Here
  • Phototherapy and resistance training prevent sarcopenia in ovariectomized rats. Click Here
  • Changes in gut microbiota due to supplemented fatty acids in diet-induced obese mice. Click Here
  • Gestational Ingestion of Oxidized Frying Oil by C57BL/6J Mice Differentially Affects the Susceptibility of the Male and Female Offspring to Diet-Induced Obesity in Adulthood. Click Here
  • DIO Mice: Calorie-Restricted Weight Loss Reverses High-Fat Diet-Induced Ghrelin Resistance, Which Contributes to Rebound Weight Gain in a Ghrelin-Dependent Manner. Click Here
  • Effects of diet history on energy metabolism and physiological parameters in C57BL/6J mice Click Here

Basic Science - Humans

  • Elevated Reward Region Responsivity Predicts Future Substance Use Onset But Not Overweight/Obesity Onset Click Here
  • The Jeremiah Metzger Lecture: Global Warming Redux: The Disappearing Microbiota and Epidemic Obesity Click Here
  • Estimation of Total Body Skeletal Muscle Mass in Chinese Adults: Prediction Model by Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Click Here
  • Impact of uremia on human adipose tissue phenotype Click Here
  • Differences in a Cortisol Enzyme in Adipose Tissue between Obese Men and Women Click Here

Policy related

  • The determinants of pricing in pharmaceuticals: are US prices really so high? Click Here
  • Salt in the Wound, or the Sweetest Thing? On Placing Legal Limits On the Sugar, Salt and Fat Content of the Foods We Eat. Click Here
  • Causal Inference in Public Health. Click Here
  • Rising Obesity: An Unintended Consequence of the Antismoking Campaign? Click Here
  • Public Private Partnerships fighting obesity in Europe: Does the Nordic region represent a special case? Click Here
  • Regulating health claims on food labels using nutrient profiling: what will the proposed standard mean in the Australian supermarket? Click Here
  • FTC Review of Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents Click Here
  • Public health and obesity: the role of the district nurse. Click Here
  • Food label accuracy of common snack foods Click Here

Systematic reviews

  • Dietary sugars and body weight: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials and cohort studies Click Here
  • Risk of completed suicide after bariatric surgery: a systematic review Click Here
  • Cochrane Review: Green tea appears ineffective for weight loss and weight maintenance Click Here
  • Protocol for a systematic review on the extent of non-publication of research studies and associated study characteristics Click Here
  • Does combination pharmacological intervention for smoking cessation prevent post-cessation weight gain? A systemic review. Click Here
  • Multi-component weight-loss interventions for people with cardiovascular disease and/or type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic review. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Nutrition

  • Among British adults, alcoholic drinks contributed 9% (men) and 5% (women) of energy intake - caloric soft drinks contributed 2%. Click Here
  • RCT: No Effect of 1 or 7 Days Green Tea Extract Ingestion on Fat Oxidation during Exercise. Click Here
  • RCT: Dried purple carrot fails to affect body weight Click Here
  • RCT: Calcium plus vitamin D3 supplementation facilitated Fat loss in overweight and obese college students with very-low calcium consumption. Click Here
  • Changing how I feel about the food: experimentally manipulated affective associations with fruits change fruit choice behaviors. Click Here
  • Clinical Correlates of Weight Loss and Attrition During a 10-Week Dietary Intervention Study: Results from the NUGENOB Project. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Life stages

  • Life-History Strategy, Food Choice, and Caloric Consumption. Click Here
  • Development of a pediatric body mass index using longitudinal single-index models. Click Here
  • An Internet Obesity Prevention Program for Adolescents. Click Here
  • Change in the Body Mass Index Distribution for Women Click Here
  • Weight-gain restriction programme for obese pregnant women and sickness absence or pregnancy benefits Click Here
  • Change in body fat mass is independently associated with executive functions in older women: a secondary analysis of a 12-month randomized controlled trial. Click Here

Brown Adipose Tissue

  • Brown-fat transplant may improve body weight, reduce diabetes risk Click Here
  • IGFBP-2 is a negative predictor of cold-induced brown fat and bone mineral density in young non-obese women. Click Here
  • Grains of paradise (Aframomum melegueta) extract activates brown adipose tissue and increases whole-body energy expenditure in men. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Surgery

  • Obesity surgery: happy with less or eternally hungry? Click Here
  • Bariatric surgery: the challenges with candidate selection, individualizing treatment and clinical outcomes. Click Here
  • Perioperative risk factors for 30-day mortality after bariatric surgery: is functional status important? Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Other

  • Does new study deflate notion that pear-shaped bodies more healthy than apples? Click Here
  • Sex- and age-related mortality profiles during famine: testing the 'body fat' hypothesis Click Here
  • Pituitary GH secretion stimulated with GHRH+arginine in Prader-Willi adults and obese controls. Click Here
  • Socioeconomic variation in the relationship between obesity and life expectancy Click Here
  • Urban-rural differences in BMI in low- and middle-income countries: the role of socioeconomic status Click Here

Video Games and Physical Activity

  • Children do not choose to play active video games when given the choice between seated and ambulatory video game play. Click Here
  • RCT: E-Gaming Less effective than PE in promoting energy expenditure. Click Here
  • The influence of exergaming on the functional fitness in overweight and obese children : physical activity, health and wellness Click Here

Physical Activity - Other

  • Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time was associated with low body fat mass but in children, sedentary time was not Click Here
  • Availability of select physical activity resources was associated with reported physical activity levels of children but not with objective measures of physical activity Click Here
  • Impact of weight loss with or without exercise on abdominal fat and insulin resistance in obese individuals: a randomised clinical trial. Click Here


  • Epidemiological association study found no relationship of fat and sugar intake or dietary patterns with prevalence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome or mortality in the elderly participants Click Here
  • No association between childcare and obesity at age 4 in low-income Latino children Click Here
  • No association between genetic and epigenetic variation and antipsychotic-induced metabolic disturbances Click Here
  • Is Childhood Obesity Influenced by Dog Ownership? No Cross-Sectional or Longitudinal Evidence Click Here
  • All-Cause Mortality Risk of Metabolically Healthy Obese Individuals in NHANES III. Click Here

Special issue

  • G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Energy Homeostasis and Obesity Pathogenesis Click Here

Research and Reporting Integrity (or lack thereof)

  • Dr. Oz "Metabolic type" quiz solves all dietary problems Click Here
  • Science, New Media, and the Public Click Here
  • False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant Click Here
  • Bias in reporting of end points of efficacy and toxicity in randomized, clinical trials for women with breast cancer Click Here

Other - Obesity

  • The influence of a defendant's body weight on perceptions of guilt Click Here
  • Letters to Editor: Bisphenol A and Obesity in Children and Adolescents Click Here
  • Reply: Bisphenol A and Obesity in Children and Adolescents Click Here
  • Letter: The results of some studies involving animal models of obesity induced by monosodium glutamate are not conclusive Click Here

General Science

  • Does Tea, Coffee, or Caffeine Consumption Reduce Cognitive Decline? Click Here
  • Caffeine has a beneficial effect on ADSCs and bone marrow stromal cells, enhancing differentiation to osteoblasts Click Here
  • Eric Schadt's Top 5 Genomic Predictions Click Here
  • The Schadt Equation Click Here
  • The AIN-76A defined rodent diet accelerates the development of heart failure in SHHF rats: A cautionary note on its use in cardiac studies. Click Here


  • AJPM Childhood Obesity Challenge - Round 2 WINNERS Click Here
  • New Book: HUNGER, THIRST, SEX, AND SLEEP: how the brain controls our passions Click Here
  • Call for Abstracts: Biologic Responses to Weight Loss and Weight Regain - An ADA Research Symposium Click Here
  • Free webinar: Beyond Leptin: Emerging Mouse Models of Type 2 Diabetes Click Here

Posted 01/11/13.

Policy & Public Health

  • No evidence that products with positive health attributes are systematically more expensive or promoted systematically less. Click Here
  • Too Fat For Food Stamps? Click Here
  • Culture shock: Health-benefit claims for Europe's foods must at last be substantiated by science. Click Here
  • Obesity: many hands to make light(er) work. Click Here
  • Can Behavioral Economics Combat Obesity? Click Here
  • Fat Chance: An Analysis of Anti-Obesity Efforts. Click Here
  • When true enough is not good enough. Click Here
  • Aspartame: EFSA consults on its first full risk assessment. Click Here
  • Obesity, public health, and the consumption of animal products: Ethical concerns and political solutions. Click Here
  • Primum Non Nocere: Obesity stigma and public health. Click Here
  • Will federal menu-labeling law harm American pizza? Click Here
  • How safe is the use of herbal weight-loss products sold over the Internet? Click Here
  • Obesity in the United States: Public perception of causes, solutions, and consequences. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Sugar from parasites treats obesity related disorders. Click Here
  • Mice study questions BPA-obesity link. Click Here
  • Basal metabolic rate is positively correlated with parental investment in laboratory mice. Click Here
  • Stress-induced and emotional eating in animals: A review of the experimental evidence and implications for companion animal obesity. Click Here
  • Genes and obesity - Exciting new mouse work. Click Here
  • Cardiac effect of short-term experimental weight gain and loss in dogs. Click Here
  • p62 Links ?-adrenergic input to mitochondrial function and thermogenesis. Click Here
  • Emerging function of fat mass and obesity-associated protein (Fto). Click Here

Adipose Tissue Metabolism

  • Stress heats up the adipocyte. Click Here
  • Adipose tissue metabolism in 2012: Adipose tissue plasticity and new therapeutic targets. Click Here
  • Shot that burns body fat in mice developed by OSU researchers. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Nutrition

  • Dr. Sharma Questions Beverage Obesity Connection. Click Here
  • Effect of soymilk consumption on waist circumference and cardiovascular risks among overweight and obese female adults. Click Here
  • Limiting Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Levels in Pregnancy May Influence Body Fat of Children. Click Here
  • Chocolate intake reduces risk of cardiovascular disease: Evidence from 10 observational studies. Click Here
  • Video: Gary Taubes, M.S. - Calories vs. Carbohydrates: Clearing up the confusion over competing obesity paradigms. Click Here
  • Distraction, the desire to eat and food intake. Towards an expanded model of mindless eating. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Exercise

  • Alabama one of just six states which adhere to standards from the National Association for Sports and Physical Education. Click Here
  • Exercise 'Uber Alles'. Click Here
  • Appetite, energy intake and resting metabolic responses to 60 min treadmill running performed in a fasted versus a postprandial state. Click Here
  • Appetite, gut hormone and energy intake responses to low volume sprint interval and traditional endurance exercise. Click Here
  • Why exercise may do a teenage mind good. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Drug and Surgery Related

  • US firm wants to tackle obesity with at-home stomach pump. Click Here
  • RCT: Testosterone administration did not affect liver fat in older men. Click Here
  • Metformin in Obese Children and Adolescents: The MOCA Trial. Click Here
  • Biotech firm Rhythm starts obesity drug study. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral - Other

  • Exposure to light at night associated with obesity in humans. Click Here
  • Adenovirus 36, adiposity and bone strength in late-adolescent females. Click Here
  • Simulation of average energy expenditures and related inhalation rates for the U.S. population. Click Here
  • Childhood Obesity: What it means for physicians. Click Here
  • The Obesity Paradox: Is there an ideal weight for health? Click Here
  • Tackling obesity through science: NY Academy of Sciences. Click Here
  • The causal effect of education on body mass: Evidence from Europe. Click Here
  • BMI may underestimate the socioeconomic gradient in true obesity. Click Here
  • Effectiveness of weight loss interventions for obese older adults. Click Here
  • Examination of value of the future and health beliefs to explain dietary and physical activity behaviors. Click Here
  • Is sitting the new smoking? Natalie Morales chats with viewers and experts about the growing health risk. Click Here
  • Personalized medicine: Has it started yet? A reconstruction of the early history. Click Here
  • Enhancing long-term weight loss maintenance: 2 year results from the Keep It Off randomized controlled trial. Click Here


  • Humor: Overly Honest Methods. Click Here
  • Dr. Phil James questions validity of recent Lancet publications from The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Click Here
  • How useful is body mass index in predicting long-term health? - Forbes Commentary on Reactions to Flegal et al JAMA paper. Click Here
  • Measurement of fetal fat in utero in normal and diabetic pregnancy using magnetic resonance imaging. Click Here
  • A high-throughput fluorescence-based assay system for appetite-regulating gene and drug screening. Click Here

Animal Models

  • Body mass growth in common marmosets: Toward a model of pediatric obesity. Click Here
  • Long-lived cancer-resistant rodents as new model species for cancer research. Click Here
  • Assessment of luteal function in the vervet monkey as a means to develop a model for obesity-related reproductive phenotype. Click Here

Themed Issue

  • Arthritis Care and Research Special Theme Articles: Obesity and the Rheumatic Diseases. Click Here

Research Ethics

  • Rethinking local Institutional Review Board (IRB) review at State Health Departments: Implications for a consolidated, independent public health IRB. Click Here
  • A non-paternalistic model of research ethics and oversight: Assessing the benefits of prospective review. Click Here


  • Faculty Position Available: UAB College of Arts and Sciences-Assistant Professor-Human Studies. Click Here
  • Stress & Obesity Workshop - Call for Posters Opens Today - SBM 2013. Click Here
  • Free Jackson Labs Webinar: It's complicated: Modeling type 2 diabetes complications. Click Here
  • Petition: All Trials Registered | All Results Reported. Click Here
  • Boshell Research Day 2013 Invitation. Click Here

General Science

  • NIH funding: The critics respond. Click Here
  • Trans-generational effect of maternal lactation during pregnancy: A Holstein cow model. Click Here
  • Effects of inbreeding and temperature stress on life history and immune function in a butterfly. Click Here
  • Double genomic control is not effective to correct for population stratification in meta-analysis for genome-wide association studies. Click Here
  • Sodium in the food supply: challenges and opportunities. Click Here
  • NAS Report: The Mathematical Sciences in 2025. Click Here

Posted 01/04/13.


  • Association of All-Cause Mortality With Overweight and Obesity Using Standard Body Mass Index Categories: A Systematic Review & Meta-analysis. Click Here
  • Does Body Mass Index Adequately Convey a Patient's Mortality Risk? . Click Here
  • Years of life gained due to leisure-time physical activity in the U.S. Click Here
  • Adenovirus-36 prevalence paradox in development. Click Here
  • Obesity among chronically homeless adults: is it a problem? Click Here
  • Estimating Disability Prevalence Among Adults by Body Mass Index: 2003-2009 National Health Interview Survey. Click Here


  • KinderLARDen Cop: Why States Must Stop Policing Parents of Obese Children. Click Here
  • HealthBeat: People split over how gov't should fight obesity, but balk at limiting food choice. Click Here
  • Leading Environmental Activist's Blunt Confession: I Was Completely Wrong To Oppose GMOs. Click Here
  • Combating pediatric obesity in Germany: the role of economic findings in informing policy. Click Here
  • Supplementing National Menu Labeling. Click Here
  • Choice architecture as a means to change eating behaviour in self-service settings: a systematic review. Click Here
  • Opportunities to reduce childhood hunger and obesity: restructuring the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Click Here

Misinformation in The Media.

  • Survival of the wrongest. Click Here
  • Dr. Oz's statements on HCG called into question. Click Here
  • Dr. Oz's statements on Garcinia Cambogia called into question. Click Here
  • Wheat Foods Council Speaks Out Against Wheat Misinformation on Dr. Oz Show. Click Here
  • Scrutiny of Dr. Oz' Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Advice. Click Here
  • Fat, Fear, and the Truly Absurd: The Perils of Ping-Pong Science. Click Here
  • Fear of fat Click Here

Basic Science.

  • Inflammation during obesity is not all bad: Evidence from animal and human studies. Click Here
  • Reproductive success and failure: the role of winter body mass in reproductive allocation in Norwegian moose. Click Here
  • Genomic variation landscape of the human gut microbiome. Click Here
  • Human SH2B1 mutations are associated with maladaptive behaviors and obesity. Click Here
  • Taurine supplementation improves liver glucose control in normal protein and malnourished mice fed a high-fat diet. Click Here
  • Coming Full Circle: Contributions of Central and Peripheral Oxytocin Actions to Energy Balance. Click Here
  • Relationships Between Osteocalcin, Glucose Metabolism, and Adiponectin in Obese Children: Is there Crosstalk? Click Here
  • Duodenal Lipid Sensing Activates Vagal Afferents to Regulate Non-Shivering Brown Fat Thermogenesis in Rats. Click Here
  • Hyperinsulinemia Drives Diet-Induced Obesity Independently of Brain Insulin Production. Click Here
  • New players on the metabolic stage: How do you like Them Acots? Click Here
  • Genomic response to selection for postponed senescence in Drosophila. Click Here
  • Brain response to calorie restriction. Click Here
  • Bisphenol A and Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity: Controversy in a (Plastic) Cup? Click Here
  • Impulsive-choice patterns for food in genetically lean and obese Zucker rats. Click Here
  • Diet physical form, fatty acid chain length, and emulsification alter fat utilization and growth of newly weaned pigs. Click Here
  • Effects of corn particle size, complete diet grinding, and diet form on finishing pig growth performance, caloric efficiency, carcass characteristics, and economics. Click Here

Bias & Stigma.

  • Weight-based victimization: bullying experiences of weight loss treatment-seeking youth. Click Here
  • Weight Bias Against Women in a University Acceptance Scenario. Click Here

Sugar, Fructose, HFCS.

  • Reduction of abdominal fat accumulation in rats by 8-week ingestion of a newly developed sweetener made from high fructose corn syrup. Click Here
  • Effects of Fructose vs. Glucose on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Brain Regions Involved with Appetite and Reward Pathways. Click Here
  • Moderate Amounts of Fructose Consumption Impair Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Young Men. Click Here
  • Nutrition: Sugar caned. Click Here
  • The Importance of Males: Larval Diet and Adult Sugar Feeding Influences Reproduction in Culex molestus. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Food Related.

  • Backfire: Advergames that promote fruit increase energy intake among children. Click Here
  • Controlled investigation finds no significant differences in sensory attributes of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables. Click Here
  • Systematic Review finds inconsistent and weak evidence of association between frequency of family meals and childhood overweight. Click Here
  • RCT of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Neither promotes F&V consumption nor weight loss. Click Here
  • Can Antibiotics Make You Fat? Click Here
  • Salt intake and cardiovascular disease: why are the data inconsistent? Click Here
  • In an RCT of Undernourished older adults, increasing energy density did not significantly increase weight gain. Click Here
  • In an RCT, adding complementary food in addition to breast milk to infants' diets from 4 months of age does not affect growth rate between 4 and 6 months. Click Here
  • Early invitation to food and/or multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy does not affect body composition in offspring at 54 months: follow-up of the MINIMat randomised trial, Bangladesh. Click Here
  • Dietary patterns and diet quality among diverse older adults: The University of Alabama at Birmingham study of aging. Click Here
  • Retinoids: Potent regulators of metabolism. Click Here
  • Randomized cross-over trial of short-term water-only fasting: Metabolic and cardiovascular consequences. Click Here
  • Effect of consuming salad and yogurt as preload on body weight management and cardiovascular risk factors: a randomized clinical trial. Click Here
  • On a diet? Forget the carrot sticks - just chew each mouthful for 30 seconds. Click Here
  • Effects of Heat Stress on Postabsorptive Metabolism and Energetics. Click Here
  • The Modern Obesity Epidemic, Ancestral Hunter-Gatherers, and the Sensory/Reward Control of Food Intake. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Exercise Related.

  • Effects of circuit-based exercise programs on the body composition of elderly obese women. Click Here
  • Only minor metabolic health benefits of high as opposed to moderate dose physical exercise in young, moderately overweight men. Click Here
  • Effects of supervised exercise training at the intensity of maximal fat oxidation in overweight young women. Click Here
  • The effect of nighttime macronutrient choice and exercise training on body composition, strength, cardiovascular health, resting metabolism, and appetite in overweight and obese adults. Click Here
  • Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Exercise and Dietary Behaviors of Middle-Aged and Older Adults. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Other.

  • Takeda ends obesity alliance with Amylin. Click Here
  • Exenatide as a Novel Weight Loss Modality in Patients Without Diabetes. Click Here
  • Chemerin and Vaspin: Possible Targets to Treat Obesity? Click Here
  • MicroRNAs in cardiovascular disease: from pathogenesis to prevention and treatment. Click Here
  • Latent Profile Analysis to Determine the Typology of Disinhibited Eating Behaviors in Children and Adolescents. Click Here
  • Response monitoring and cognitive control in childhood obesity. Click Here
  • The Power Semantics in Self and Other Repertory Grid Representations: A Comparison between Obese and Normal-Weight Adult Women. Click Here

Dairy & Calcium.

  • In an RCT among predominantly overweight adolescents, Milk, Juice, or Water consumption for 6 months had no differential effects on weight. Click Here
  • Effects of milk and milk constituents on postprandial lipid and glucose metabolism in overweight and obese men. Click Here
  • Effect of calcium intake on fat oxidation in adults: a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Click Here


  • Soft contact-lens biosensor for real-time tear sugar monitoring at the eye. Click Here
  • Body Mass Index Shown the Best Way to Measure Obesity? Click Here
  • Inconsistencies in the assessment of food intake. Click Here
  • Self-reported and objectively measured sedentary behavior in bariatric surgery candidates. Click Here
  • The potential of classic and specific bioelectrical impedance vector analysis for the assessment of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity. Click Here
  • Factor structure and clinical correlates of the Food Thought Suppression Inventory within treatment seeking obese women with binge eating disorder. Click Here

General Science.

  • Faddish Stuff: Epigenetics and the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics. Click Here
  • In Search of Credit. Click Here
  • Scientific heritage: Science today, history tomorrow. Click Here
  • Games for Science. Click Here
  • Who is afraid of reviewers' comments? Or, why anything can be published and anything can be cited. Click Here
  • Bias in peer review. Click Here
  • Something Doesn't Add Up: Too much medicine relies on fatally flawed research. Click Here
  • An Evolutionary Whodunit: How Did Humans Develop Lactose Tolerance? Click Here
  • This I believe: We need to understand evolution, adaptation, and phenotype. Click Here


  • Position Available: Metabolic and Neural Regulation of Human Body Weight. Click Here

Posted 12/28/12


  • Should governments make their citizens exercise more and eat less? Click Here
  • Prof. Brian Elbel awarded grant to evaluate large sugary drink ban. Click Here
  • Physicians admit feeling under qualified and lacking necessary education to treat obesity. Click Here
  • Benefit-risk paradigm for clinical trial design of obesity devices: FDA proposal. Click Here
  • Combating pediatric obesity in Germany: the role of economic findings in informing policy. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Food Related

  • RCT: No evidence that a Low Glycemic vs. Low Fat diet differ in efficacy in obese Hispanic youth. Click Here
  • The science of sugars, part 4: Sugars and other health issues. Click Here
  • Why most dieters fail but some succeed: a goal conflict model of eating behavior. Click Here
  • Donor human milk largely replaces formula-feeding of preterm infants in two urban hospitals. Click Here
  • Alternate day fasting (ADF) with a high-fat diet produces similar weight loss and cardio-protection as ADF with a low-fat diet. Click Here
  • The effect of beverages varying in glycaemic load on postprandial glucose responses, appetite and cognition in 10-12-year-old school children. Click Here
  • Metabolic programming effects initiated in the suckling period predisposing for adult-onset obesity could not be reversed by calorie restriction. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Exercise Related

  • Could virtual reality be an effective tool to combat obesity and sedentariness in children? Results from two research studies. Click Here
  • Exercise improves the accuracy of compensation for previous energy intake. Click Here
  • Effects of chronic exercise training on inflammatory markers in Australian overweight and obese individuals in a randomized controlled trial. Click Here

Translational, Clinical, and Behavioral Science - Other

  • "Fat is your fault". Gatekeepers to health, attributions of responsibility and the portrayal of gender in the Irish media representation of obesity. Click Here
  • An Overview of the Complexities in Obesity: Limitations and Challenges. Click Here
  • Committee opinion: obesity in pregnancy. Click Here
  • Obesity: Fat from plastics? Linking bisphenol a exposure and obesity. Click Here
  • A cluster randomized controlled trial in a school setting shows regular weighing to be beneficial. Click Here
  • The modern obesity epidemic, ancestral hunter-gatherers, and the sensory/reward control of food intake. Click Here
  • Trends in the Prevalence of Extreme Obesity among U.S. Preschool-Aged Children Living in Low-Income Families, 1998-2010. Click Here

Basic Science

  • Fructose feeding failed to induce obesity in rats. Click Here
  • Inflammation during obesity is not all bad: Evidence from animal and human studies. Click Here
  • Peripheral injections of melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 antagonist S38151 decrease food intake and body weight in rodent obesity models. Click Here
  • Environmental challenges and physiological solutions: Comparative energetic daily rhythms of field mice populations from different ecosystems. Click Here
  • Influence of winter temperature and simulated climate change on body mass and fat body depletion during diapause in adults of the solitary bee, Osmia rufa (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Click Here
  • Huddling house sparrows remain euthermic at night, and conserve body mass. Click Here
  • Diet and exercise in an obese mouse fed a high-fat diet improve metabolic health and reverse perturbed sperm function. Click Here

General Science

  • NutriChip: Nutrition analysis meets microfluidics. Click Here
  • Duodenal lipid sensing activates vagal afferents to regulate non-shivering brown fat thermogenesis in rats. Click Here
  • Preproghrelin gene polymorphisms in obese Japanese women. Minor homozygotes are light eaters, do not prefer protein or fat, and apparently have a poor appetite. Click Here
  • A natural variant of Obestatin, Q90L, inhibits ghrelin's action on food intake and GH secretion and targets NPY and GHRH neurons in mice. Click Here


  • Cleaning up science. Click Here
  • How many retractions were there in 2012? And, some shattered records. Click Here


  • Using cross-sectional datasets like NHANES to draw such conclusions about short-lived environmental chemicals like BPA and chronic complex diseases like obesity is inappropriate. Click Here
  • BiasTrust: Teaching biased users about controversial topics. Click Here
  • Methods, instruments, and parameters for analyzing the menu nutritionally and sensorially: A systematic review. Click Here
  • Towards ubiquitous user modeling interoperability for dealing with overweight and obesity. Click Here
  • Prof Ray Carroll: Video on better statistics to study diet and cancer. Click Here

Posted 12/21/12

Basic Science

  • Unpredictable food availability induces metabolic and hormonal changes independent of food intake in a sedentary songbird.Click Here
  • Fundamental avian energetics: 2. The ability of birds to change heat loss and explanation of the mass exponent for basal metabolism in homeothermic animals.Click Here
  • Size-dependent insect flight energetics at different sugar supplies.Click Here
  • Growth energetics of juvenile herring, Clupea harengus L.: food conversion efficiency and temperature dependency of metabolic rate.Click Here
  • The effects of weight cycling on lifespan in male C57BL/6J mice.Click Here
  • Effects of Neonatal Overfeeding on Juvenile and Adult Feeding and Energy Expenditure in the Rat.Click Here
  • Metabolic characteristics of long-lived mice.Click Here
  • High levels of dietary fat impair glucose homeostasis in rainbow trout.Click Here
  • Sexual dimorphism in body composition across human populations: Associations with climate and proxies for short- and long-term energy.Click Here
  • Fat content, energy value and fatty acid profile of donkey milk during lactation and implications for human nutrition.Click Here
  • Fat or lean: Adjustment of endogenous energy stores to predictable and unpredictable changes in allostatic load.Click Here
  • An opportunistic pathogen isolated from the gut of an obese human causes obesity in germfree mice.Click Here
  • Food characteristics, long-term habituation and energy intake. Laboratory and field studies.Click Here
  • Chronic Caloric Restriction Preserves Mitochondrial Function in Senescence without Increasing Mitochondrial Biogenesis.Click Here
  • Selection for high muscle fat in rainbow trout induces potentially higher chylomicron synthesis and PUFA biosynthesis in the intestine.Click Here
  • Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Differences in Muscle and Fat from Monozygotic Twins Discordant for Type 2 Diabetes.Click Here
  • Pharmacological and nutritional agents promoting browning of white adipose tissue.Click Here

Brain, Cognition, and Aging

  • Fat-mass-related hormone, plasma leptin, predicts brain volumes in the elderly.Click Here
  • Fat-free body mass but not fat mass is associated with reduced gray matter volume of cortical brain regions implicated in autonomic and homeostatic regulation.Click Here
  • Energy Intake and Exercise as Determinants of Brain Health and Vulnerability to Injury and Disease.Click Here
  • Changes in spatial memory and BDNF expression to simultaneous dietary restriction and forced exercise in rats.Click Here

Clinical, Behavioral, Translational - Food-Related

  • Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest---A Study of Norwegians' Consumption Pattern of Chocolate, Sweets, Salty Snacks, Soft Drinks and the Like.Click Here
  • Is beer consumption related to measures of abdominal and general obesity? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Click Here
  • Some Snacks May Help Kids Feel Full Faster.Click Here
  • Treat obesity as physiology, not physics.Click Here
  • Parental restriction and children's diets. The chocolate coin and Easter egg experiments.Click Here
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Posted 12/14/12

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